Giants of the Mesozoic

Client (Employer): Fernbank Museum of Natural History

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Project Description:

Giants of the Mesozoic is a permanent exhibition featuring cast skeletal mounts of dinosaurs and other prehistoric life from Argentina.

Argentinosaurus continues to hold the record as the largest dinosaur ever mounted, at 123 feet (37.5 metres). In addition to dinosaurs, the exhibition includes a flock of 21 Pterodaustro and three Anhanguera – two species of pterosaurs (prehistoric flying reptiles) that were contemporary to the scene. In the rockwork at the feet of the dinosaurs are multiple fossil plants, animals, and trace fossils (trackways) from lifeforms that were also found in Late Cretaceous Argentina.

My role at the time was Director of Exhibitions for the museum, and I served as the project manager and creative director overseeing the exhibition development. Duties included providing conceptual and graphic design support, creation of exhibition collateral materials for fund-raising and educational purposes, and procurement of display specimens.  Acted as the key liaison between the museum and external contractors, providing logistical support for work streams in Argentina, Canada, and the United States.  The project duration was about two years, officially opening in 2001, with an estimated budget of $2 million.

Exhibit Logo by graphic designer Teri Butler.

Project Collaborators: