Tennessee Civil War Museum

Client (Employer): Exhibits South (1990)

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Project Description:

The Tennessee Civil War Museum was a new museum located at the base of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee. My role was principle exhibit designer, generating the layout and design for roughly 8,000 sq. ft. of gallery space. The process included case design as well as dealing with issues around traffic flow, acoustics, interior color schemes, and artifact placement. I also served as a key liaison between Exhibits South and the architects, contractors and exhibit curator/historical consultant Craig Hadley of Odyssey Museum Consulting.

I was responsible for all 2D/3D design concepts, from initial concept to final installation. This included the layout and design of all exhibit graphics, maps and scenographic elements. Simultaneous to this project, I initiated the addition of digital imaging and large-format inkjet printing to the in-house capabilities of Exhibits South. This substantially increased company revenues on the project by eliminating outsourcing, and enabled us to have more direct quality control of the graphics being produced.

This was my first large museum project, and a terrific learning experience that enabled me to make the leap from tradeshow exhibits to the museum arena.